Tidying Up

I’m tying this into my early spring cleaning goals. after watching Marie Kondo, i’m beyond inspired, because like how can you not be. i love how she turns organizing into something much deeper, where if you hold something and it doesn’t spark joy- it simply has to go. say your goodbyes and thank the item for doing what it did for you. i admire how positive this is, compared to getting aggravated with clutter and sometimes wanting to scream. or even just looking at clutter saying you will get to it later and later never comes. whenever i try to organize, i often find myself organizing what i can discard. although it still makes me feel better having everything in order, there is plenty that can go to good will and leave me with more space. this is going to be my spring challenge. organized af. who’s with me!? I’ve also heard reading Marie Kondo’s books really intensifies her spiritual methods- once I get my hands on one, I will definitely follow up with you guys!

Simple Daily Regimen

It’s not always the typical standard to think “one product will do me good.” When bloggers and influencers post their skin care routine, it seems endless. I used to think I needed every product just because it said something like” glowing skin in seconds!” or “instant dark circle remover!” It’s so easy to fall for them. I have realized however – less is more. You may think you need a ton of products for good skin, but I’ve began to believe the less you put on your face the better. Be true and consistent to the products you have loved from the start, the ones you always run to when your skin freaks out or when you simply just need some tlc. Stick with a few products to target your main skin care concerns- not the 20 products you’ve acculumated from wanting your skin to do something it can’t. Please see my affordable, drugstore, day and night time moisturizer, CeraVe. Try it and you’ll understand why I can’t live without it. www.cerave.com

Summer Fridays

The absolute game changer of all time. I first discovered Summer Fridays on Instagram, of course. Instagram can make just about anything look appealing. All you need to know is that Marianna Hewitt @marianna_hewitt (ultimate Instagram & blog goals) is the co-founder. First of all she’s life, which explains why this face mask is too. My favorite of the three masks right now is R+R. My favorite part about this mask is the removal- all you need is a damp towel to soak in the remaining oils such as avocado and grape seed, doesn’t get much better than that. A review I read recently said “it looks as good on the shelf as it does on your skin” and that could not be any more true!!! This product is dreamy. Check it out at www.summerfridays.com

2 0 1 9

I have realized I need to start challenging myself more- whether it’s something simple like finishing a book, doing a face mask once a week or making going to the gym every day sound easy. this year I am going to focus on consistency, something I’ve always struggled with. I am going to challenge myself to be a stronger, better version of me.